BLOCKED is a mini-game dedicated to one of those miserable days where inspiration seems to fail us and one just wanders around trying to grasp at something, getting increasingly frustrated by the realization that nothing that is done seems right or worthy of notice. 

From creative block to a downspiral of self-doubt,  anxiety and introspection, this little game aims to replicate a little bit of a, well too familiar, territory for all of those creatives who, more or less, frequently go through these situations. 


How to play: 

It's a very straight forward gameplay, just touch highlighted items or move around through the rooms until something triggers a highlighted item to appear so you can advance in the narrative. If you're feeling stuck or frustrated, don't worry, that was the plan all along! Welcome to BLOCKED! :D 


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The invisible labyrinth is truly a test of patience. But I guess this is how it looks like. I always thought that if I could draw nice, my charcoal would spawn unimaginable terrors. But perhaps the reality is more like you depict it. Ideas dislike to be locked in images perhaps.


Thank you for playing, for your feedback and specially for the patience going through the invisible labyrinth! :) I wouldn't say that ideas dislike to be locked in images, but more that our body is limited on it's hability to process those ideas into a non-abstract format, even if you get to be technically flawless, you still are vulnerable to biological needs, mood swings, etc. Perhaps that's why it gets to be so special when inspiration hits and something decent gets to be produced! ^^  

I think perception is naturally bound by bodily conditions, but are ideas relatable to bodily conditions before they come non-abstract?

I mean, in the end, to be human and to live in a human world, is exactly what defines things as particular.